You said Right to Education? April Fool! :P

The Right to Education Act came into effect on 1st April, 2010(we don’t know whether that was a cautious attempt by the government! 😛 ) exactly 3 years back from now as GoI’s most ambitious project in education, with a vision to provide free and compulsory education to children, but how much it has yielded till now? With reports* flowing in of majority of children being unable to produce learning 3 grades below their present grade; schools lagging in of basic infrastructure and quality teachers, where does the future of our children lie?  The bitter truth <  >

If we all raise our voices, its bound to make some noise!

Because they need it & they deserve it!

Here is a beautiful poem by one of our volunteers, which is all about a poor boy who has squandered his resistance for a pocketful of mumbles-promises, lies and jests…

Waving Wait

The boy boated
With baleful baggage
To breathe a bemoaning bloom.
The boat bucks the beauty of the balmy bank
And begins a burned up being of a boy!
When the small feet felt the sand –
He was as bare as a deciduous tree in winter,
As lonely as midnight’s streetlamps.
He walked inside the city
and survived as a stark solitary soul.

He arose adopting the same string –
with the pioneers who sailed ashore –
associating the alliance, he ripped into a waste picker.

Sunk inside almost waist length waste
The boy heard cheering childish calls
coming out from windy windows of a long vehicle –
A yellow bus,
with name inscribed inside blue band in its belly –
full of children barely of his age in alike attire.
The keen eyes –
little above from the putrid pail –
were ardent;
To get inside the bus of bliss.

Next day onwards

The never ending walk....Photo courtesy: Zuleikha Gupta

The never ending walk….
Photo courtesy: Zuleikha Gupta

the boy awaited on the pavement
to get godsend to get into the bus.
The half-grown hands of heroism and hope heaved –
to halt the dream bus.

But, all of them were adamant –
Like the earth’s revolve;
Like shore soaping of tide and ebb –
The boy still hoists his hands –
The children at the windows still radiate redolence,
And the bus – yes, the yellow one – never stops!

                    –Spandan Ghose Chowdhury


1 Business Standard

2 Indian Express

#Competition entry of Focus Right 3.0, an event organised by CRY IIT KGP Vol. Chapter

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  1. Beautiful it is Spandan! If we all resolve to not see any child getting denied to her right to school and education, this world would be better place. Proactive action is what we need!

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