” SHARE MY WORLD ” – a photo-book launch

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“Share My World”

“When was the last time you allowed yourself to be led by a child into her world?

and shared her joy of discovery?

When was the last time you were thrilled at re-discovering something

you thought you knew oh-so-well?

When was the last time you shared the unique perspective of children

About the world that they occupy? “

When imagination turns into reality its beauty goes beyond imagination. That’s what the people at CRY strive for, the children whom they work for. Photography today is a widely acclaimed skill which can strengthen a person’s capabilities. Now to crystallize this picture perfect moment,photography Volunteers trained 8 kids in photography skills, so that they could capture countless moments through their lenses. As this training progressed, the kids started capturing wonderful photographs.The pictures that these children captured had far more to say just than the fact that they learnt how to operate a camera. Each picture captured by these children, encapsulated the endless capabilities and insight of these children. They have their perspectives of the world and they shared it with such enthusiasm and creativity. All these Photographs were assembled into a book named “Share My World” as this book portrays the world through the kid’s lenses.

Finally after months of training the photo-book “Share My World” was launched on 17th July, 2016. This launch constituted of two events, one of which was held at CRY’s office and the other at Oxford book store, Park Street in the presence of eminent personalities.

At CRY Office an interaction session between the kids and the National Manager-CSR & Environment of RICOH Mr. Hitesh Sharma was organized. The first glimpse of the photo-book was shared there. The kids shared with immense enthusiasm, the experiences which they went through during this photography training. It was an overwhelming feeling to know how happy and content the kids were about this training and photo-book launch. They even wish to carry forward this skill that they learnt, and are eager to teach other kids as well.

The second event was at the Oxford Book Store in Park Street where we had some distinguished guests, namely Dr. Aniruddha Deb (a psychiatrist and member of the Crystal Wellness Clinic), Mr. JayantKriplani (an Indian film, television and stage actor, director and trainer), Ms. Monideepa Banerjee (NDTV Reporter), Ms. SeemaSapru (The Principal of the Heritage School, Kolkata), Mr. Hitesh Sharma (National Manager-CSR & Environment of RICOH) and Ms. PoojaMarwaha(Chief Executive Officer of CRY) who launched the photo book “ Share My World” and participated in a panel discussion on “ Are we creating enough space for children to lead a healthy, happy and creative life?”The audience and volunteers present had an enriching experience as they took part in an interactive session with the notable personalities belonging to wide spectrum of professions.

Our notable guests shared their insights and experiences with the conclusion that with a collective effort we can achieve our vision of a happy, healthy and creative childhood for all children.


-Rishav Rohit

Intern at CRY East



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