Back to School- Md Aadil

Education is inoculation to destruction. Unfortunate though, some are compelled to turn a Nelson’s eye to it either by chance or sometimes by choice.
This is the story of Md. Aadil (name changed) who was in the middle of his teenage. The sixteen-year-old had to quit school at the age of eleven when he was in class 5 because of the bad company he was indulged in.
He spent the next five years working and stealing to desperately meet his expenses for the drugs and alcohol he had become addicted to. Being from a poor family, his parents could give him food and shelter but they had no money for his drugs, which led to him to steal.

Poisonous twigs never bloom aesthetic flowers. Eventually he started selling drugs too. The neighbours were his primary customers. His parents had no control over him whatsoever. He did what he pleased and threatened to leave his home if his demands were not met.

The dawn was not far. Five years into this lifestyle, two volunteers from CRY (Rajiv and Mohit) went to the neighbourhood looking for children who had dropped out of or never enrolled into a school and they came across this boy.

They visited the family numerous times for counselling Aadil and they exuded the same level of energy and commitment every time to win over, persuade and convert Aadil. Certain visits were often late at night, 10 o’clock on one specific instance. The tireless efforts bore pivotal fruits. He finally broke his ties with his erroneous pals (who refused to speak to us), and agreed to get enrolled to Momin High School which is one of the best schools of Rajabazar.

At the age of seventeen, he took admission in Class 6. He has been clean and sober for 3 months, as claimed by his parents. Also, he has scored well in his latest class test, as claimed by the school principal.


We have the whole Back to School (BTS) team who deserve an exultant applause of approbation for convincing Aadil and the school.


-Media Advocacy Team, with inputs from  Rajabazar PAG


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