Bachpan ke Rang@Rajabazar

The Rajabazar action group of Child Rights and You organized an event “BACHPAN KE RANG” on 30th July. The objective of this event was to recreate the magic of childhood and make the kids realize that childhood is the most integral part of our lives. Volunteers came up together for this memorable event. The event was held at Mominpur High school premises after the school hours. The event was scheduled from 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. The Councillor of the area, Mr.Prakash Upadhyay also graced the event with his presence. He gave an inspiring speech to the kids to stay healthy, positive and keep progressing in life. Volunteers had reached early along with the necessary equipment. The school was highly supportive and helpful in organizing this event.


At 1:30 p.m kids from invited schools joined together. All the volunteers got busy in making them comfortable and were given a warm welcome. The excitement across their faces was exemplary. Kamalika, one of the volunteers kick started the event with an introduction about CRY. A brief description of the background of our organization made it the perfect opening for an afternoon to be remembered.

The event was divided into four parts – Drama (both by kids and volunteers), Art & Craft competition, Quiz competition and last but not the least Music. We started the event with a drama performed by the school kids. The drama was conceptualized by our volunteers and they took special sessions to train these kids. Sharp dialogue delivery and precise expressions added to the spice of the play. Rest of the children enjoyed the play thoroughly and learnt an important lesson-“We should not be involved in unnecessary arguments and demands from our parents. Good deeds done will come back to us in some form of the other”. This was followed by a quiz competition where the children participated in full enthusiasm.


Bag making was the most enjoyable activity as it allowed the kids to show their imaginative and creative talent. Volunteers had arranged for all the necessary items required for this competition-adhesive, glitters, sparkles and most important a piece of old cloth. The noise level was deafening and at times it was difficult to restrain the chaos but then we had Rupsha who was at her innovative best to control them. Some brilliant designs came up including the one where a child portrayed her love for our Motherland India. Again we had an important message hidden in this activity the 3R’s-Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.


Now it was our volunteers’ turn to enact a play. With some benevolent and vicious characters, the kids enjoyed and laughed their heart out. They also got to learn that Peace and harmony are two important characteristics for us to live in society.

To conclude the wonderful event was the singing and music show by our volunteers-Dipanita and Shiladitya behind the microphone and Ritayan and Mohit playing the guitar. It seemed that the kids were waiting for this part with great anticipation. Their energy level reached to a new high and every individual joined us with their voices. It was a power-packed performance by our volunteers and the smile on the kid’s faces gave us immense satisfaction.


The event turned out to be a huge success as we got a massive response from the kids. Mio Amore sponsored us with food packets for the kids which was given at the end. In the view of Mohammed Aquib, a student “bahut acha laga specially wo recycling and quiz activity and gaana sun kar maza hi aagya”(Felt really nice especially the recycling and quiz competition. Thoroughly enjoyed the songs. ). Hoping to come with a larger space the next time so as to accommodate more kids, as around 150 turned up for this event. We will continue to pledge our support for the kids with such events as children are an integral part of our society.


Madhurima Adhikary

Volunteer, Media Advocacy.

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