I am a second year student of Calcutta University; always had an inclination to do something for the deprived section of the society and that reverie came into being when I got a chance to intern with CRY this summer.

On the joining day in CRY, I came here with my absolute commitment and dedication to complete my assignment successfully, get a certificate and produce it as and when required for my career growth. But in a very short while I could experience a different bit in myself when I got so engrossed in ‘Ride for Child Rights’ under the National Campaign ‘School the Spark’. Suddenly I realized that there are several like-minded people around me and they are the Volunteers of CRY. I took no time to mingle, discuss and voice out my opinion with them. Out of several deliberations we came up with the launching of the Volunteer Initiative Event where Over 30 bikers came together to show their solidarity from Eastern Bulls in collaboration with CRY organized a ‎Motorcycle Rally on 14th Aug.

This rally eventually became so special for me because it was my first working experience as an intern with CRY and also be a part of such great cause. I and my co- intern made slogans for the event which can emphasize the aim that is to ensure right to education. This again brought out creative spree in me. During this time we received the desired support from our mentors.

As an intern I was very excited and curious for this rally as it was my first event with CRY. Being part of it I could witness a lazy Sunday morning saw the Russel Street area, waking up to the rumble of over 30 Royal Enfield’s, with riders cruising from Russel Street, to Victoria Memorial, onwards to Exide more, and finally concluding their ride at Deshapriya Park. CRY banners of ‘School the Spark’ were upheld at each stop. As the rally ended up it left me amazed to see that every individual over there was encouraging the importance of child education.

I feel overwhelmed to be a part in this event. It made my Sunday so special to start the day with full of joy enthusiasm and motivation to do as much as I could. I got a great opportunity through this platform to work for the betterment of children. With the end of this event my motivation has taken leap and my eagerness to serve the society has definitely increased.

Hope our contribution in many ways brings a lasting change in the lives of children!

Sukanya Mukherjee



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