“Think Free”- Jadavpur University Drive

On the 17th of September 2016, Jadavpur University saw a few yellow t-shirts hustling and bustling in their campus interacting with passing by startled students. The thing that grabbed their attention was a collection drive organized by CRY Dhakuria Public Action Group (PAG) Volunteers towards making art and crafts to be displayed during the annual PAG event named “Think Free. The drive started roughly around 1pm with two students donating a bunch of thermocol cups along with a few plastic spoons. Their names were registered and invitation cards for the main event “THINK FREE”, were handed over to them

A bright yellow color poster stuck right behind the CRY stall where the donors wrote little messages for the children. With cheery smiles and willingness to support our cause many students joined in pretty soon, some donated poster colors while some, packets of un-used ear buds. One incident that really moved me which I must share, there were some students who had no idea of what was going on in the campus  but the minute they heard about it, they went to nearby shops to buy the required items and came back to donate. These warm gestures instantly litup the mood of our drive. I could hear a group of people reflect upon their childhood painting classes and sail down the memory lane. It was good to feel wanted, it was good to feel like we belonged to them and that the work is being recognized. The drive went on for another 4 hours and at the end of it, the total collection came down to an unimaginable quantity. The immense support and co-operation received from Jadavpur University deserves an applaud and restored my belief that if you work for good, good will follow you surprisingly even the most big challenges will fall behind . Kudos to all the volunteers and Anindita Ma’am for all the hard work which made this “drive” a grand success. In this context I would like to say that -Someday I wish I could go back to life not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice and this was one of those moments. Signing out with a hope for a better future.


Aantarika Samanta


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