Orientation of New Volunteers by Tezpur University College Collective Volunteer Group

The CRY – Tezpur University Volunteer Chapter 2016 was held on 18th September 2016 in the Lecture Hall of the School of Engineering, Tezpur University. The event had a total attendance of around 50 students, out of whom 20 were volunteers of the Chapters while close to 30 students came to know more about the Chapter.

The Orientation was more of an interactive session and it began with showing a few videos to the attendees that was shared by CRY   followed by the sharing of the statistics about the current scenario of children in India also provided  by CRY so as to emphasize the problems the chapter wants to depict.

Following this, the mechanics of the Chapter were discussed and this was followed by a Q/A session when the volunteers got answers to their queries.

The Leadership Grooming program  was briefly introduced. After the Orientation got over, the core team members sat down amidst the attendees who now wanted to join the Chapter and discussed various issues related to the Chapter. Each and every single attendee joined the Chapter that day and their dedication was proved when they implemented an initiative in less than a week’s time after the Orientation. Personally, I was satisfied with the event as it helped us form a close-knit team of dedicated volunteers which would help us implement our plans.


–Nikhil Dixit

Volunteer (Tezpur University -CRY Chapter)

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