Session on Child Sexual Abuse with School Children by CRY IIT KGP Volunteers

A successful  Workshop cum Awareness program on Child Sexual Abuse was conducted by the Volunteers of IIT Kgp at Arasini and Amlatoria primary School. There was  an overwhelming response from both the teachers and students. Two sessions of 35 to 40 minutes each approx. was taken where the students along with the teachers participated. The first session was for students of class 3rd & 4th and the second session for class 1st & 2nd . Few students in the second session were also from nursery classes . In both the sessions teachers participated and supported actively, they were also recording the sessions on their mobile phone for future reference.

It was an interactive session in an edutainment environment. An animated story based video (10 minutes) was screened on child sexual abuse and it’s message was conveyed to children up to their understanding. We make them understand the meaning of Safe and Unsafe touch and how to protect themselves form an unsafe touch. We told them that there are 4 Danger areas in our body where we should not allow any one to touch other than our parents when required (bathing) and we should also not touch others. We taught them that, if they happen to fall in any kind of unsafe situation they should shout No and run to a safer place towards their parents or teachers and tell them everything without any fear or shame. They could also draw to convey the things if they face any difficulty in communication. There should be no secret among them and their parents. Whenever, wherever and with whomsoever they go, they should take permission from their parents to ensure their safety.

We tried to convince the children that we (elders, parents, and teachers) always trust them and they should never hide any such things for their own safety and well-being.

Finally, teachers appreciated our efforts and we got a positive and encouraging feedback. Head madam told that last week they got a letter from higher authorities where it was mentioned that teachers should speak about this matter with the students, but they were clueless on how to deal with such delicate issue and now as we have put the matter in a proper way they have also got an idea on how to speak about it. Teachers also agreed that they can arrange a meeting with the parents to make them aware the same.


Rajarshi Debnath 

( Volunteer at IIT KGP CRY Chapter )

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