Project Baalrakshak

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Awareness cum Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse

Innocence is beautiful; it is sometimes vulnerable like a small new bloom. It is indeed disgraceful and inhuman when this innocence is vandalized. Children personify beautiful hearts which have known nothing but love and liveliness, their giggles which resonates their free spirits and their endless laughter which can make one let go of their worries. They are a treasure and they should only be handled with tenderness and endearment. It is indeed disheartening that some fail to understand the same and they have no hesitation in harming such happy souls. In a world which encompasses a lot of danger, we aim towards cocooning them into a shell which is safe and invulnerable. All we want for them is to breathe in a safe world, a world where they believe in themselves and they believe in the power within. To enlighten them about one certain societal sin ­ CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (CSA), we conducted numerous workshops under the “Project Baalrakshak”. Not only to make them aware of the same, but to help them fight it, to bring them to talk about it to their close ones and to ultimately make them understand that it was NO fault of theirs if they had faced something of that sort. The workshop was carried out among students of different age groups. Recently kids from Class V to Class VIII were addressed in different batches at a school name “Hiradi Kesiasole M.S.K” which is situated in Hiradi, Paschim Mednipur; an upper primary school located about 4 kms from IIT Kharagpur campus. CSA is a sensitive issue to deal with and talk about. To make kids understand about what CSA actually embodies is difficult, but Rajarshi Debnath, our energetic volunteer, reached out to the kids very delicately. Not only did he make the kids comfortable by his humorous tactics but also drew their attention towards what he was going to address next. It was really warming to see how he started talking about simple words like “Danger” and “Safe” and how Child Rights and You (CRY) IIT Kharagpur Volunteer Chapter  blended those with the different lights of Traffic Signals. Subtlety being of prime importance, he gave examples of the fictitious superheroes of the world and how they save us from villains. He made them agree to the fact that parents and teachers are no less than superheroes (superman/superwoman) in our lives and how we should approach them without any hesitation in case of denial or discomfort.One story led to the other and then the National Award winning short film “Komal” by a NGO name Childline on CSA was screened. The kids seemed perplexed, shocked and offended as they watched Komal weep as she was victimised. Strange, they must have thought, the world is so unfair, cruel and heartless. When Rajarshi asked them what they comprehended, they were hesitating to speak up. More than hesitation, it was disbelief! Rajarshi gradually spoke about the four danger zones of the body with utmost gentleness. He made it very clear to them that None is allowed to touch those four danger zones (except parents and doctors, if required) neither should they touch anyone else’s. He made them shout “NO” and throw their hands forward in objection. He told them to shout, push and run to their superheroes if any situation of that sort ever arises. When the session got over, the kids were excited to go back home as it was already dismissal time. Some of them in their playfulness couldn’t wait to race their bicycles back home, forgetting the grave expressions of Komal which had disturbed them a while back. Even though the bicycle race became the most important task of their life right then, I knew those saturnine small eyes had a million questions, they did not completely understand why it happened, but they knew it was wrong, very wrong.53% of children are sexually abused in India in some form or the other every year. It is atrocious and it has to STOP. Under this project till date 6 sessions are being conducted in 3 schools were children from nursery to class VIII participated, also 2 sessions were conducted with the parents of those children. Even if we are able to save 1% of those children, we shall feel less sinful if not liberated. As Swindoll once said, “Each day of our life we make deposits in the memory banks of our children”. Team Baalrakshak will thrive to embellish lives’ of children and we shall not stop till we have the richest banks. After all, it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men!

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By –

Sneha Mukherjee

Volunteer, CRY IIT KGP Chapter


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