Click Rights

Click Rights

Click Rights 2013

Click Rights- Using passion of photography for building a Child Rights Movement

 The power of photography in bringing about policy level changes has borne its evidence in history. Lewis Hine, an American photographer documented child labour in America for several years (1908-1912) to depict the gross exploitation and child rights violation such children were subject to. His series of photographs capturing reality were able to build policy level pressure and ultimately the child labour policy was drafted in US. 

Click Rights Volunteers in East India are students, IT professionals, bankers, journalists, lawyers, film makers, and people from different segments of lives who believe their photography can bring about a change.

They capture child rights issues through their camera lens and display them in various forms like mobile exhibitions, hold discussions, get more people on board, and build a public opinion on Child Rights!


Click Rights 2013 – Focus on the Child : Access to Education

Click Rights 2013 was launched nationally on 15th of July,2013. The theme for this year is Access to Education. Participants are supposed to capture pictures of factors as to why students are not being sent to school.

Join the Click Rights Campaign– visit and upload:

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Do you feel the need to take action and work for the deprived Indian Child through the lens of your camera? Then contact us to know how a click can be the beginning to usher in change!

To view the photos of our exhibitions check these links:-

The Click Rights Exhibition – Roaming Photo Exhibition on Wheels, Kolkata January 2011

Is Education Really for All? – A JUPC & CRY Initiative,2009

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