Media Advocacy

Media Advocacy Volunteer Group

An important aspect of rights based volunteerism is to ‘react’ against all forms of rights violation and the reaction should be made public. This requires being abreast with the latest news.

 The Media Advocacy Volunteer Group of CRY Kolkata keeps a check, monitor & analyze children related & centric news in the print media, to understand how well a particular newspaper is covering them & how far has these newspaper been able to impact its readers. This group comprises of Students, Working professional, Home-makers, Senior citizens and has been in existence since 2009. They have informed in varied ways the child rights work done by CRY Volunteers. 

The Media Advocacy Volunteer group had brought in a new idea this year- of coming up with a compilation of their chosen most relevant coverage on children’s issues in the print media, covering two months.. This can act as a good reference and read to quickly catch up on what’s happening around and making news and pick and use stuff as and when needed

 This is the first issue in this direction– Welcome your comments!

Documents prepared by the volunteer members:

News Sparks (Issue I)

Children in the news

Print Media and children

The Periodicals lens

To know more, contact us

Contact details are provided in Volunteer with Us tab.


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