Ward based RTE Campaign

Unite to Give a Healthy Start 

SAMSA organized ‘Udaan’: a health camp for the deprived kids in a slum near Rajabazaar and Ballygunge area, Kolkata in association with Child Rights and You. 200 children from the surrounding slum areas attended the camp. SAMSA volunteers did a basic health checkup including visual and hearing tests followed by anthropometry and counseling regarding hygiene, diet and prevention of some common diseases. Interns attended to their specific health ailments. The follow up of those needing further interventions will also be done by the CRY volunteers and the doctors from SAMSA.



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CRY believes that it is necessary to build an equitous education system where as a group, we try addressing all the causes which leads to discriminatory practices and unequal opportunities for children in India. We aim to do so by strengthening government schools and the underlying system, instead of creating parallel institutions.

The campaign is on in four geographical wards of KolkataDhakuria, Rajabazar, Howrah and Dhapa

Volunteers have been closely monitoring schools in these neighborhoods, having regular interface with the children and community and also interacting with the local authorities to present the issues and bring in change. Whilst the nature and scope of the work is the same among the different PAGS, they do adopt different approaches to factor in the diversities and needs of the regions.

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Dhakuria Public Action Group (PAG)

Volunteers at Dhakuria (Kolkata), have been undertaking sessions with children of the Dhakuria slum since February 2012. Volunteers further helped these children to form a children’s group. Children of this group not only participate in the various sessions on arts, crafts and theatre and perform at a public domain but further also act as eyes and ears of the volunteers by identifying and informing the volunteers regarding cases of child rights violation that happen within their community. They further also help in organizing community based meetings with parents and other members and the volunteers (By either calling the parents, or by informing the volunteers about the date and time when the parents and other community members will be available).

Rajabazar Public Action Group (PAG)

Having made a decent start in Dhakuria, a new set of volunteers in Rajabazar embarked on their journey to improve the conditions of government schools (overall education scenario in that area) by monitoring schools closely and conveying the problems to the higher authorities. Periodic children’s sessions are conducted to encourage child participation in various activities like art, music, drama etc. Recently, a two day long summer celebration (Bachpan ke Rang) was organised bringing together over 100 children from the 7 schools that are being monitored.

Howrah Public Action Group (PAG) 

Essentially comprising of resident volunteers, this is the newest PAG which started out in January 2013. The volunteers are currently working on avenues which they can use to infiltrate the communities and their focus remains on improving the education scenario. The PAG is still in its initial phase which requires efforts to make the populace more receptive to the volunteers and hence, regular surveys and visits to the slum areas are taking place.

Dhapa Public Action Group ( PAG) 

Dhapa is the newest group that started operating in Dhapa from early this year in January 2017, currently we are working with 10 children in this area.

Do you want to be one of them??

Join these campaigners. Write to us:

vol.kol@crymail.org or anindita.mukherjee@crymail.org  



area & the campaign,please give us a few precious minutes of yours to watch these AVs made by our campaigners…..

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